25th Birthday Tour of the Bizarre Ride Album - The Pharcyde - SlimKid - FatLip - DJ Manwell

Bizarre Ride II – 25thB Tour – Live in PP

We had the great pleasure of being part of the crowd that welcomed SlimKid3, FatLip and DJ Manwell in Phnom Penh for the 25th birthday of the album Bizarre Ride II from the Pharcyde.
Thank you for this great vibe!!


FatLip - Bizarre RideII Cambodia

FatLip - The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II 25thB

DJ Manwell - Bizarre RideII - 25thB Tour
DJ Manwell

FatLip and his ode to the turntables, Bizarre Ride II, 25thB Tour

Slimkid in Phnom Penh - Bizarre Ride II - 25th B Tour

FatLip - Bizarre Ride II 25th Birthday Tour

SlimKid3 & FatLip in Phnom Penh


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