About MBM

‘Images are, to me, precious ways to tell stories, raise eyebrows and, I hope, provoke emotions.’

My name is Anne, 26, French expatriate in Cambodia since November 2016.

Anne - MBM

My most faithful roadie was my D40X from Nikon, my first and only camera… until a few days ago when I acquired a D7200. An old 18-135mm that came along the D40X is my main lens, new lenses are on the to-buy list.

This being said, my focus here is to use this website as a portfolio for pictures only

On a daily basis, I’m into digital communication/project management and taking some time off right now to learn to programme.

Every watermarked picture is for sale, please get in touch to get a quote.


Mindbridge Media services

  • Event photography and portraiture 
  • Photo editing
  • Marketing communication development (business cards, promotional displays, banners, etc.)
  • Communication strategy consulting
  • Translation (English – French)


Need a quotation? Feel in the form and I will be in touch.